23/05/2014 – 25/05/2014, St Mary’s Church, Brighton Fringe Festival

I am delighted to be involved in something so very different to what I usually do – it’s been really interesting being around artists who are pushing the boundaries of sound and movement, and experimenting with improvisation. This project is really incredible. It’s based in St Mary’s Church on Upper St James Street, and is utilising my skills for some live electronics, along with some fantastic vocalists, dancers, an organist (using the subharmonics of the organ – which sounds amazing), visual projections, sculpture and instrumentation. It’s very dark. It’s very different. But it’s absolutely unique.

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Three nights of live, ritualistic performance- not for the faint hearted

A sound recordist’s equipment has been found with no trace of his whereabouts. Recordings retrieved from it document an otherworldly ceremony seemingly conducted near water but the mystery of his disappearance and the true nature of the ritual remain unanswered.

Through research, experiment and endurance a troupe of local and international performers have developed through re-enactment, a coherent translation of this elusive and mysterious ritual, in the most unlikely of settings.

Beginning as a sound art composition, created from recordings inside a chasm at the Balcary cliffs in Scotland, creator Jamie Sturrock has conceived of a fictional ceremony, basing the performance events on his interest in African folklore and sound exploration.

With Butoh dance, spoken word, vocal and movement improvisation, visual art projections and a musical ensemble, he brings together an outstanding cast of performers in an attempt to unravel the mysteries of that fateful night by the water.

Tickets £7 (£6 Conc.)


Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/638055066271687/?context=create&ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming&source=49#

Website: http://waterghostsbrighton.wordpress.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JamieSturrock1