17/12/13 – The Prince Albert, Brighton


Off the wall, left of centre, eccentric but downright danceable! This is the only way to describe the first of MANY Cable Club Xmas parties in the run up to Dec 25th We think you’ll love this one…Over to MARINUS to describe themselves…’We are Marinus, the saprogenic offspring of orchestral jazzmeisters WILDLIFE (“more dynamic twists than a musical curly-wurly” – BNW Productions), and travelling folk troupe Boon Dock (“If this doesn’t get them dancing, nothing will” – Dannii McMillan).

Ably supported by the electronic-wizardry of award-winning Plum, Shona turned up at her first show for our sister company Turbulence after having her wrist broken in a nasty bike accident….just a few hours before the show! One tough lady!

Opening this show are Brighton’s great weirdo’s TUBBA 3-PLY who make breakbeat dub punk techno. You WILL dance!

**CHEAP GUEST LIST ENTRY TO ANYONE SIGNING UP TO THE FACEBOOK EVENT WALL BY 6PM ON THE DAY OF THE SHOW!! https://www.facebook.com/events/633263616712869/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming

MARINUS (10pm)

PLUM (9.15pm)

TUBBA 3-PLY (8.30pm)