What Happens On The Road

I had an absolutely brilliant trip with the boys from IndianRedLopez. Made some very good friends there! We had a blast.

Best Bit: Probably spending the afternoon in Rijnmond TV & Radio studios in Rotterdam. I also learnt that the Dutch word for ‘Plum’, which is ‘Pruim’ is also a common word used for ‘vagina’. Oh dear.

photo 5

Worst Bit: The man in Rotterdam who was touching himself and then visiting the toilet during my set.

Favourite gig: Glasgow (Stereo) because the sound system is incredible and the lights were awesome, though the Peacocks gig in Aberdeen was pretty awesome too.

photo 4

Least favourite gig: Edinburgh, which was a surprise because I usually have a great time in Edinburgh. Was missing the usual vibe. Felt a bit unloved. But I was hugely grateful to the fabulous people who came long distances to see me. Much appreciated.

Most insane moment: When we took a wrong turn at 4am and ended up on an abandoned airfield in Rotterdam, got pulled over by the police who seemed to think we were terrorists (Obama and other world leaders were in town for The Nuclear Security Summit 2014). They took our passports, and called for backup. We were surrounded by police, who were keeping their distance. I was desperate for the toilet, but was being forced to stay in the van in case I got shot (which really seemed a likely possibility at the time). We were kept in the van for 50 minutes, before they managed to ascertain that we were not terrorists, searched the van, checked our instruments, and allowed us to leave.

All in all it was a thoroughly enjoyable tour and I’m delighted to have had the privilege of touring with such a brilliant bunch of people!

Until next time!