Electro-pop producer & multi-instrumentalist Shona Maguire  (Plum) became the first female artist ever to win “Best Electronic” category in the Scottish Alternative Music Awards (2013), having been heralded “One to Watch for 2013” by Best of British Unsigned in January 2013, and with her album The Seed in the ‘Best Albums of 2012’ list for many bloggers home and abroad.

Performing and releasing music under the name Plum, she creates intricate, unique, quirky, and ever so slightly twisted music. With a live set combining home made floor pad samplers, filters, various buttons and triggers, she has been described as a bit of a mad scientist.

She studied Music Production at London’s Point Blank Music College (Best Music Production and DJ School according to DJ Mag). During this time, she was approached by Summer Rain Recordings, who signed her for 2 years and released The Whispering Chamber and The Glory Feast EPs in 2007/2008. Shortly after, she was snapped up by cult label Benbecula Records as the only female signing in their 11 year history, signing her debut album Different Skin. Shona has since been independently releasing her music, with The Seed, her critically acclaimed second album “crowd funded” by fans.

Currently working on her 3rd album, Betsy Thunder (Part 1 has been released as an EP), Shona is perfecting her skills of production and storytelling.